Countdown: New Year’s Invasion, Attack of the Lazer Rayz by Insomniac Events

Countdown: New Year’s Invasion, Attack of the Lazer Rayz by Insomniac Events

Get ready to countdown the New Year with a great lineup of music, celebration, immersive environments and…aliens! Music enthusiasts and festival goers won’t have to wait long, this music event is coming up fast! For those of you who have not decided yet to attend, get your tickets now! Hosted by Insomniac Events, you can expect at electrifying event. If any of the past Countdown events is a measure of what is to come, you can anticipate a memorable weekend of fun and festivities in the World of Countdown.

Countdown 2023 NYE Insomniac Events

In this New Year’s Invasion, aliens have returned to Raveland! This two-day event will transcend boundaries of regular festivals and promise of alien mischief as officials have issued public warnings of an alien attack planned against the human inhabitants of Raveland at midnight.  This event, known for its stellar musical lineup, cutting edge production, and vibrant atmosphere is expected to draw crowds far and wide.  The world of Countdown awaits.

Aliens at Countdown 2023 By Insomiac Events

Key Highlights of Countdown 2023:

1. Immersive Environments: Multiple universes coexist in the world of Countdown, each with is own array of sights and sounds. Let’s take a look at the 5 stages at Countdown:

The Mothership: Take a ride on this colossal craft as we traverse the wide, infinite reaches of outer space.

The Nebula: A bright light shines through the mist, emanating from a distant galaxy, illuminating celestial bodies in its sphere.

Area 51: Enter the top-secret testing grounds of Bassrush, a highly classified space for low-end activity and subterranean vibrations.

Twilight Zone: Cross over into another dimension of sound, sight, and mind, and explore the outer limits of house music.

Galactic Gate

2. Stellar Line-up: One of the hallmarks of Insomniac Events is the ability to assemble a diverse and stellar lineup of artists. Countdown 2023 has a roster of top-tiered artist spanning various genres, including electronic dance music, house music and more. Expect a sonic journey during this two-day affair. Some of the acts featured for the first night on Saturday, Dec 30. are 4B X JST JR, Adam Beyer, Alison Wonderland, ALRT, Beastboi., BEC and Benda. More star-studded acts to follow the next day on Sunday, Dec. 31 are Airglo, Apashe, Audien, Black V Neck, Borgore, The Chainsmokers and Deadmaus, to name a few.  Expect a diverse musical palate as you traverse the worlds of Countdown.

DJ Lineup for Countdown 2023 by Insomniac Events

3. State of the Art Production: Insomniac Events is known for its ground breaking stage design and visual effects that will blow your mind away. We anticipate nothing less for Countdown 2023. We look forward to seeing The Mothership stage converge music and technology for an otherworldly experience. Also expect, visual stunning light shows, pyrotechnics and immersive environments to complement each stage design.

4. New Year’s Eve Countdown: The clock ticks down on the culmination of everyone’s journey to Raveland with the official Countdown to the New Year! Participants will share the awe-inspiring moment with thousands of like-minded festival goers, giving way to a charged atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. Insomniac events are known for their attention to detail that will ensure an unforgettable experience during the countdown.

Key Highlights of Countdown 2022, New Year’s Invasion, Rize of the Ravebotz:

Anticipate what is to come with highlights from last year’s Countdown event. Rize of the Ravebotz, saw a massively successful event that left an indelible mark on participants.

  1. Unforgettable Performances: Countdown 2022 New Year’s Invasion had a star-studded lineup for its two-day event. From headlining DJ’s to emerging talents, the festival lineup showed a diverse and dynamic electronic music scene. Memorable performances from artists such as Ace Aura, Armnhmr, Bloodsport, Burko, Dabin, Ahee, Alyxander, Atliens, Blossom, Canabliss and Capozzi set the stage for an unforgettable night.
  2. Mesmerizing Visuals: The production quality of Countdown 2022 reached new heights, with amazing visuals and stage designs that captivated the audiences. With the lights, lasers and special effects complementing the pulsating beats of music, all the senses were engaged in perfect symphony.
  3. Community Spirit: One of the best parts of this massive event is the community it fosters. Bringing together people from all walks of life, near and far, is something worth noting. United by the shared love of music and the celebration of the new year, combined with the event organizers commitment to inclusivity and positivity, produced palpable positive vibes throughout the event.

Countdown Throughout the Years: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Let’s revisit some important events that mark the evolution of Countdown by Insomniac Events.

  1. Countdown 2019: This year’s highlight was the introduction of innovative stage designs and art installations as a turning point in the evolution of what makes Countdown so impressive today. The event solidified its reputation as a trendsetter in the electronic music festival scene.
  2. Countdown 2017: This year the event changed to a two-day format that was welcomed by attendees. This allowed for extended festivities and include more diverse musical acts to join the world of Countdown.
  3. Countdown 2015: Insomniac Events introduced Countdown as a New Year’s Eve celebration, brining its signature flair to the year-end festivities. The inaugural event set the bar high for music festivals as attendees continue to participate in this new tradition of Countdown.

As we await the lazer rayz, midnight alien attack on Raveland and musical lineup, we are sure Insomniac events will produce a show that will be unparalleled to other end of the year celebrations.  With the legacy of groundbreaking productions, diverse musical lineups, and vibrant community, Countdown has become a mainstay in for those seeking a truly extraordinary way to welcome in the New Year.

As part of the community, RaveBeetle will have a booth to represent our brand of rave clothing, festival outfits and rave accessories.  To keep the festivities going, we will have a spin wheel giveaway, offering prizes such as face gems, pastries, disco visors, disco cowboy hats and mystery gifts!

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We look forward to ringing in the New Year together at this iconic celebration!